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Get $1000 off Clear Aligners - Learn more

Family Dental Care That Fits Your Schedule

Family Dental Care That Fits Your Schedule

We’ve earned our 5-star reviews for a reason. Our staff enjoys working with kids, and personalizing their treatment. We’re open late, 7 days a week, with short wait times & direct insurance billing to make your busy life easier.

Open! - Closes 7:00 pm

Open! - Closes 7:00 pm

Appointments available today & this week

Why Patients Choose Our Dental Practice

Open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and extended hours on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Direct insurance billing

Open 7 days a week

Pain-free treatment options

Short wait times

Special Offer for New Patients

🦷 Make Tooth Brushing fun for kids

Struggling with your child’s tooth brushing routine? Our special offer for new patients introduces an engaging 2-minute tooth brushing timer, making dental hygiene both effective and enjoyable for kids. This playful tool encourages proper brushing habits, ensuring a fun and educational experience for your little ones.

🎁 Receive Your Free Tooth Brushing Timer

Book your child’s first dental checkup with us and receive this innovative timer. It’s our way of helping your child embrace healthy dental habits from the start. Book now and transform toothbrushing into a highlight of their day!

Dental Care Crafted for Your Child

Children’s dentistry focuses on nurturing young smiles through regular check-ups and tailored dental care. By routinely cleaning and examining teeth, we remove plaque and bacteria, essential for preventing decay and ensuring healthy tooth development. Our kid-friendly approach makes dental hygiene a positive part of your child’s growth.
Benefits of children's dentistry
Gentle Care for Every Visit
Regular check-ups with a gentle touch, making dental visits a breeze for kids
Watching Teeth Grow

Keeping an eye on how teeth grow, from the first baby tooth to the last adult one.

Tips Just for Your Child

Advice on taking care of teeth that’s just right for your child’s needs.

Keeping Teeth Strong for Life

Early care to keep teeth healthy, avoiding big problems later.

Kids Learning to Love Dental Care:

Helping kids learn and enjoy taking care of their own teeth.

Why is Children’s Dentistry important

Building a Healthy Smile from the Start

Good dental care is more than just about teeth; it’s about giving your child a healthy start in life. Regular visits to the dentist set the stage for a lifetime of bright smiles and overall well-being.
Healthy Teeth Growth

Healthy Teeth Growth

Ensuring teeth develop properly right from the start.
Protecting teeth against cavities

Protecting teeth against cavities

keep them strong and healthy.
Guiding Healthy Tooth Alignment

Guiding Healthy Tooth Alignment

Providing the right advice and care for straight, well-aligned teeth.
Keeping gums healthy

Keeping gums healthy

to support those precious teeth.
Making Dental Care Fun.

Making Dental Care Fun.

Teaching kids to enjoy looking after their teeth.

What to Expect During Your Child's Dental Visit

Personalized Check-up

We start by reviewing your child’s dental history to identify any issues. We have friendly conversations with your child to understand their feelings about their dental health.


Gum Health and Cleaning

Gum health is a priority. We gently remove plaque and tartar and may recommend fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth.

Monitoring Dental Development

Our dentist checks X-rays and charts for dental milestones to ensure your child’s teeth are developing correctly.

Convenient Experience
During the visit, your child can enjoy our entertainment lounge with exciting activities like a pool table and foosball, making dental care a fun adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

First Dental Visit – When and Why?
A first birthday or first tooth is the perfect time to start. These early visits set the foundation for healthy smiles.
Why are Baby Teeth Important?

Even though they fall out, baby teeth play a crucial role in speech development and pave the way for adult teeth.

How Often Should My Child Visit the Dentist?
A check-up every six months is recommended, but we’re available for any concerns in between.
What Causes Cavities?
Cavities are caused by bacteria and can be prevented with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits.
Why is Gum Health Important?
Healthy gums are vital for supporting teeth and overall oral health, especially as adult teeth come in.
Can You Accommodate My Whole Family?
Yes, we offer family appointments for your convenience, making dental care easier for busy families.

Family Fun, Easy Dental Care

Visit a dental clinic that’s all about family fun and easy care. We’ve got a pool table, Netflix, foosball, and more to keep everyone happy. Plus, everything is designed to fit your busy life.

Happy Smiles,
Happy Families

Happy Smiles,
Happy Families

Read stories from our young patients and their families about their great experiences at our clinic.

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